KTS Webinar #29: Approaches to Teaching Foreign Language Accents

Saturday, February 27, 2021 5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST To convert this meeting to your timezone, please visit: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ Please join us on Saturday, February 27, at 5:00 p.m. PST for our second webinar of 2021, “Approaches to Teaching Foreign Language Accents” hosted by Eliza Simpson (KTS-Certified), Jack Wallace, and Yusef Seevers. In this webinar, our presenters will detail some of the techniques that they have found successful while coaching foreign language accents (both white and non-white). The presenters will each invite a bi-lingual actor/coach to interview and ask them about their experiences. They will then examine the […]

KTS WEBINAR #26: Building a Corporate Coaching Business

Please join us on Thursday June 11that 4pm Central, (2pm PST, 5pm EST) for our 2nd webinar of 2020 on “Building a Corporate Coaching Business,” hosted by Professor Emerita, author and founder of Vocal Authority Rena Cook and Actor and Voice & Speech coach Elizabeth McLaughlin.  In this webinar Rena and Liz share a conversation about building a corporate coaching business. Come armed with your questions. We would love to have a dialogue with attendees and address the areas that interest you.   Topics discussed will include but not be limited to: Receptive types of businesses and their coaching needs. Networking and promoting your […]

Webinar 18: What is MLE?

Questions about this or any webinar? Contact KTS Webinar Series organizers Jeff Parker and Julie Foh at ktswebinars@gmail.com. Please join us Monday, December 10th, at 4pm (EST) for our 18th Knight-Thompson Speechwork webinar! “What is MLE?” will be an hour-long online discussion of the Multicultural London English accent, or “MLE,” possibly pronounced [ˈɛmɪˌli̽]. The discussion will kick off with a facilitated conversation among linguist Paul Kerswill, coaches Mary Howland and Linda Nicholls-Gidley, and New York actor Noah Anderson about the linguistic features and development of MLE, and how it is taught, learned, and used as an accent for actors. The conversation […]

Webinar 16: A Women-Ar (free!)

Questions about this or any webinar? Contact KTS Webinar Series organizers Jeff Parker and Julie Foh at ktswebinars@gmail.com. To All Female-Identifying Speechworkers: please join us Monday, October 22nd, at 4pm (EDT) for our 16th Knight-Thompson Speechwork webinar (for free)! Andrea Caban and Julie Foh, the female leadership of KTS, will facilitate a conversation about our collective experiences coaching and teaching within, without and in spite of the patriarchy. This will be an opportunity for us to be together, hear each other, and perhaps pool some courage and ideas for how to maintain our power and integrity as speech coaches in a […]

Webinar 15: An Intro to KTS (free!)

Questions about this or any webinar? Contact KTS Webinar Series organizers Jeff Parker and Julie Foh at ktswebinars@gmail.com. Please join us Tuesday, August 28th, at 3pm (EDT) for our 15th Knight-Thompson Speechwork webinar! KTS Certified Teacher Julie Foh will host a FREE Introduction to Knight-Thompson Speechwork. If you’re curious about KTS, have had a taste of the work and want more, or want to refresh your relationship to it, please join us. Julie will outline some fundamental principles (perhaps) of this approach to speech and accent training and will lead participants through some introductory exploration of the physical actions of […]

Webinar 14: Coaching Language & Style Part Two

Sorry for any confusion! You are now in the right place (ktspeechwork.org) to register for this webinar. If you’ve already completed this process on the old website (ktspeechwork.com) then there’s nothing to worry about. We’ve still got those records, and there’s no need to register again.  If you haven’t registered yet, this is the place to do it. If you’re planning on waiting for the last possible moment to register…don’t. Go ahead and register using the “tickets” section at the bottom of the page.   Please join us Monday, July 30th, at 3pm (EDT) for our 14th Knight-Thompson Speechwork webinar! […]

KTS Webinar #12 – Fun-etics: KTS Classroom Activities for Instruction and Engagement

Please join us Monday, May 7th, at 3pm (EDT) for our 12th Knight-Thompson Speechwork Webinar! Jeffrey Parker will offer: “Fun-etics: KTS Classroom Activities for Instruction and Engagement.” This webinar will introduce a few classroom exercises designed for student skill acquisition and classroom engagement. Building from exercises described in Speaking With Skill, Jeffrey Parker (and a few brave student volunteers) will introduce, describe, and demonstrate instructional activities that deepen the work while coming from a sense of play and gamesmanship. There will be time for questions, discussions, and sharing of exercises at the end of the webinar, so if you have any […]

KTS Webinar #11 – Process, Product, and Principles, Perhaps: Adapting KTS to Short-Term Goals

Please join us Monday, March 19th, at 3pm (EST) for our 11th Knight-Thompson Speechwork Webinar! Tyler Seiple will offer: “Process, Product, and Principles, Perhaps: Adapting KTS to Short-Term Goals.” This online discussion will focus on how we adapt the foundational principles of Knight-Thompson Speechwork into the many different educational and coaching scenarios in which we find ourselves employed. How do we frame, discuss, and explore KTS in a three-year graduate program as well as a one-off coaching session, an undergraduate workshop as well as an ongoing public class? Tyler will share his own experience as well as invite discussion with […]

How Many Accents?

From Jeremy: In the last two posts, we (the editors) introduced ourselves and let you eavesdrop on one of our conversations. But enough about us! We’d like to hear from you. The big question I’m wrestling with today is: In a college accents course, how many accents should be covered, and which ones? Here’s a little more background… At the end of last term, I asked the students enrolled in my accents class what about the course was useful and what needed work. Everyone agreed that oral posture was a revelation and super-useful. Many were frustrated by the phonetics– as […]

Finding Your Voice

Today we bring you a guest post by Eric Armstrong, who teaches voice, speech, and text at York University. As a voice and speech teacher, I’ve been very lucky to have some great role models, mentors, colleagues and master teachers, all of whom have greatly influenced my approach to the art of teaching. I’ve also been very happy to have the opportunity to be a trainer of trainers, leading a speech and accent seminar as part of the now-closed Graduate Diploma in Voice Teaching at York University from 2003-2015. Any voice/speech methodology that has a teacher training program needs to […]