Cool Stuff


The Vowel Worm

Vocal Vowels (model vocal tracts that produce vowel sounds!)

Crocheted larynx

Make Your Own Vowel Resonators (instructions on building your own)

Taste My Vowels (an art project involving casts of the artist’s oral cavity)

Czech tongue twister (a link for a tshirt and a link to a sound file)

Magnetic Phonetics 2 (if you’re a nerd)

FUTURESE: The American Language in 3000 AD


YouTube fun

Australians Speak With Their Mouths Closed to Keep the Bugs Out (apparently it’s true!)

Phonemic Interference in the German Coast Guard

Little French girl telling a story about a magic hippopotamus

Little Yorkshire girl talks about her Daddy & monkeys

Gurning to Paganini

Glottal opera

Adriano Celentano ‘Prisencolinensinainciusol’

What Languages Sound Like to Foreigners

‘Skwerl’—How English sounds to non-native speakers

Harry Enfield – Women Keep Your Virtue

Ray Winstone Tells a Joke

Renowned dialect coach Nigel Peter St. John explains his methods

Scottish Elevator

The Almighty Vectron

Offensive Translator




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