Have you checked out the KTS blog yet?

Glossonomia—Phil Thompson and Eric Armstrong talk about the sounds of speech in this series of podcasts. (Also available on iTunes.)

Erik Singer’s Vimeo page, with videos about the vowel space, oral posture, So-Called “General” American, Oral Relativism, and more.




VASTA FONTS PAGE (instructions on installing phonetic fonts)


VASTAVOX (instructions for joining VASTA’s listserv)


Robert Eklund’s Ingressive Phonation & Speech Page



Speech Articulation, by Fred Minifie (iBook)

15 minute basic laryngeal anatomy video—2D to 3D  to actual laryngoscopy

Interactive Sagittal Section (interesting interface using a diagram of the vocal tract to link to sounds)

Artnatomy (a very pretty site demonstrating the anatomy of facial expression)





Linguistics & Phonetics Worldwide (Quite an old links collection but an interesting place to start searching)

Online phonetics resources (Another festival of links)

Studying Phonetics on the Net    (Many fine links)

William Katz’ Phonetics Movies (a mixed bag of speech related media)



J.C. Wells’ Blog (a very informative and entertaining blog by my favorite phonetician)

David Crystal’s Blog (a blog covering broader issues of Linguistics)

Language Log

Lexicon Valley podcast and blog


International Phonetic Association   (The Official Site)

…and you can get the IPA language files corresponding to the IPA Handbook illustrations at the University of Victoria Linguistics Department

While you’re there, browse around to find phonetics teaching resources as well as info on faculty research.

The Summer Institute of Linguistics hosts IPA fonts as well as a host of other phonetic and linguistic resources.

Phonetics & Linguistics at University College London (you could spend days here)

(spend one of those days here)

Haskins Laboratories (check out Features and Demos)



UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive

The World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS)






Voice Record Pro (iOS) (A free app that lets you record straight to your iOS device and then edit, share, and slow down your recordings.)

Audacity (free audio editing software for Mac and PC)

The Amazing Slow Downer (iOS and Mac. Intuitive and does a great job of slowing down speech samples. Free trial version.)

VTDemo (vocal tract model/vowel synthesis program)

Sonamatch (nifty software for mapping vowels)



Audiufon audio demonstrations, Utrecht University, Phonetics (cardinal vowels, as spoken by Daniel Jones)

Labiodental Flap Movie (navigate up from here to read an article introducing this symbol)

Joan LaBarbara (an example of ‘extended vocal technique’)

—BTW, the UbuWeb site is an incredible compendium of speech and sound art.

Jeanette Nelson National Theatre podcast



A Dialect Map of American English

DARE: The Dictionary of American Regional English (A massive, comprehensive project, but focused more on vocabulary than accent)

IDEA: The International Accents of English Archive

The Speech Accent Archive (a great source for accent samples. Includes transcriptions)

The American Dialect Society

Accents of English from Around the World

Varieties of English

BBC Voices

Sounds Familiar? Accents and Dialects of the UK

North American English Dialects, Based on Pronunciation Patterns



Principles of Phonetics by John Laver (preview )

Accents of English by J.C. Wells (preview)

A Primer of Phonetics by Henry Sweet (full book)

Le Maitre Phonetique [lə mɛtʁə fonɛtik]

Duality of voice: an outline of original research by Emil Sutro

…and many, many more!



In addition to the recommended books on our books page, some recommendations for lively, accessible books on language and linguistics can be found here:

And make sure to visit our own Wikipedia Phonetics page. There are more than a hundred articles linked there on speech, accents, phonetics, sociolinguistics, and terrible poetry. You can navigate straight to individual articles from our page, or download the entire ‘book’ as a pdf!


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