Where to start?

Stephanie Philo as Titus Andronicus – 2008       photo by Paul Kennedy

“What fool hath added water to the sea?”

-Titus Andronicus

The prospect of launching a blog, of adding a few drops of virtual ink to the ocean of words, is daunting.There are wonderful blogs about speech and phonetics, about accents, and acting, and a whole range of interesting topics, outside of this narrow range of specialization. So why would Dudley and I want to put our oar in?

It is true that both of us have been known to have opinions, and we hope to use this blog as a platform for espousing those views. But far more important than the using this as a megaphone for our own opinions, we feel that this little corner- this sheltered bay of the internet ocean, could be a place where the growing community of people who have encountered our work can ask us questions, point us toward interesting information, and talk through the ramifications of this work, both practical and philosophical, as we put it into practice as teachers, coaches, and performers.

This has been our approach from the beginning, as full of words as we sometimes find our minds and our mouths, we are deeply curious about how our students engage with the work. The work is about experience and experimentation, and we want to open up the conversation to everyone who has a stake in it.
We have a workshop coming up quite soon, followed by our first ever certification, and our plan is to use this blog as a forum for those in our workshops to carry on the conversation outside of the confines of the Chelsea Studios. There is a great deal I don’t know about how to run a blog, and I expect to learn a great deal as we go forward. I’ll be following up this post with another on the topic of blog policies. Please visit often and  lend your voice to the conversation.
Phil Thompson

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