KTS WEBINAR #26: Building a Corporate Coaching Business

Please join us on Thursday June 11that 4pm Central, (2pm PST, 5pm EST) for our 2nd webinar of 2020 on “Building a Corporate Coaching Business,” hosted by Professor Emerita, author and founder of Vocal Authority Rena Cook and Actor and Voice & Speech coach Elizabeth McLaughlin.  In this webinar Rena and Liz share a conversation about building a corporate coaching business. Come armed with your questions. We would love to have a dialogue with attendees and address the areas that interest you.   Topics discussed will include but not be limited to: Receptive types of businesses and their coaching needs. Networking and promoting your […]

KTS Webinar #12 – Fun-etics: KTS Classroom Activities for Instruction and Engagement

Please join us Monday, May 7th, at 3pm (EDT) for our 12th Knight-Thompson Speechwork Webinar! Jeffrey Parker will offer: “Fun-etics: KTS Classroom Activities for Instruction and Engagement.” This webinar will introduce a few classroom exercises designed for student skill acquisition and classroom engagement. Building from exercises described in Speaking With Skill, Jeffrey Parker (and a few brave student volunteers) will introduce, describe, and demonstrate instructional activities that deepen the work while coming from a sense of play and gamesmanship. There will be time for questions, discussions, and sharing of exercises at the end of the webinar, so if you have any […]

Why the Detail Model Had to Go

(Roots, part III) The teaching of any prescriptive speech pattern as some sort of basis or ‘neutral’ will inevitably encode privilege and elitism, alienate actors from nonstandard speech backgrounds, and actively impede the acquisition of accurate and detailed perception and the ability to subtly adapt one’s own speech and accent.     It’s been a ridiculous fourteen months since I last posted. Even worse, at the end of that post, I teased the next part of the story, promising to write soon about Why the Detail Model Had to Go. Better late than never, I suppose. This is that post. […]