Knight-Thompson Speechwork WEBINAR #20


Questions? Contact KTS Webinar Organizers Cynthia DeCure and Nathan Crocker at Please join us Monday, April 8, at 6pm / 3pm  for "NAVIGATING a TENURE TRACK job in VOICE & SPEECH " hosted by Andrea Caban. Andrea Caban will talk about applying for tenure track Voice and Speech jobs, including applications, interview, teaching demo, and finally navigating the job. She will share her own experiences and offer advice, and there will be time for questions. The Registration fee is $10 to cover hosting costs. You can register here: All webinars are recorded, so, if you can't attend live, you […]


KTS Webinar 24: Formality and Informality in Speech – Part 2


**RESCHEDULED** Please note that, due to a scheduling conflict, this Webinar is being rescheduled for next Monday, November 18 at 3pm PST/6pm EST.  Because of the inconvenience, we will be making it a free Webinar.  If you have already registered, your fee will be refunded.  We ask that you still sign up through the event page.  Thank you! Please join us on Monday, November 18, 2019 at 3pm PT/6pm ET for our next Webinar on “Formality and Informality in Speech: Part 2!” hosted by KTS co-founder Phil Thompson. When we talk of speech and speech training as a discipline, […]