Accent Webinars


Our six-day workshops cover a great deal of material, orienting participants in the theoretical principals of the work as well as offering specific, practical exercises in the skills of speech and accents. In the accent webinars, our focus is entirely on practical skill-development in the target accent. For that reason, it’s entirely possible to take an Accent Webinar independent of the other workshops. Though teachers and coaches are welcome, they are specifically geared towards actors, and do not assume any knowledge of phonetics or any prior experience or training. It is certainly beneficial to take Experiencing Speech to gain some proficiency with phonetics, oral posture, and the physical actions of speech, but we welcome anyone who’s interested to join us for the Accent Webinars, whether or not they have taken any other Knight-Thompson workshops.

Each Accents Webinar will focus on a single accent and take participants through a set of exercises leading toward more accurate, confident and consistent vocal choices that are correctly matched to character, period and play.

No background in phonetics is necessary for participation in Accent Intensives, though we will be using IPA in our descriptions of individual sounds.

Upcoming Workshops

Our next offerings of an Accent Webinar are listed below. Click on the link to get more details for that workshop and to register.